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Car Removal & Broken Car Collection Process: The Broken Car Collection Company
Ever thought about what happens to your old, broken or unwanted car once you have been there removed. The Zebra Broken Car Collection Company are the car removal professionals and have the vehicle recycling process as a result of a fine art.

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All vehicles are recycled in a environmentally responsible manner with any useful parts being shipped offshore to help those who work in less fortunate countries.
1) Call 0800 300 426 and talk with a friendly operators. They'll talk with about what kind of vehicle you've whether it be car, caravan truck etc, along with what kind of condition can it be in. This is a not hard method that takes approx 5 minutes on the phone. After we have an idea of the cars condition and value we'll give you a cash price for your car and organise an appropriate time for the car removal.

junk car removal victoria
2) The Broken Car Collection Company can have up at the address you provide with one of our specially engineered sign written trucks. The whole staff are and also tidy and appear in uniform. Our driver will organise all of the change of ownership paperwork along with you before retrieving your automobile and loading it onto the truck. The whole process normally takes 30 minutes to 40minutes for the way accessible the vehicle is. Our driver will give you a cash cheque to the agreed value from the initial call, We do not deduct a car removal or towing fee. In addition to this the whole car removal customers go into the weekly draw to win $1000 valuation on petrol vouchers. Click the link to see about one of our Auckland car removal prize winners.

3) Whenever your car arrives at the yard it is drained of most hazardous and toxic chemicals for example petrol and brake fluid. All fluids are recycled in the responsible manner using the petrol being used to power the business vehicles!

4) Once fluids happen to be drained it is assessed by a personnel. Our staff member will be searching for what recyclable parts are on the vehicle be going with an extensive checklist which will be used in the next stage.

5) Once that's done all valuable parts need to be taken off the car. This often includes suspension corners, engines, differentials and more. Normally this takes approximately one hour . 5, the fastest worker are capable of doing it in 45 minutes.

6) These parts are then sorted checked, loaded into containers and exported to 3rd world countries where they'll be utilized to give their very own cars a second life. The Zebra Broken Car Collection Company exports parts from approximately 100 cars each day or 35,000 every year.

7) By this stage your car will you need to be a shell. Stripped of most useful parts and drained of most fluids our bodies will likely then be scrapped. First every other major components are stripped of by Judith the Jaw ready because of its final compressing in Christine the automobile Crusher.

8) The crushed car bodies are then melted down and recycled into all sorts of useful things including regular household items like tin cans.

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